We are no longer teaching in-person classes.

What Parents Should be doing:

Remember each student must have15+ hour before scheduling the In-car training sessions. They should begin driving in an empty (school or church) parking lot learning the brake/gas/brake pivoting the foot technique, not lifting the foot off of the floorboard when changing between those 2 pedals.

Drive up and down the empty rows as if looking for a spot to park in if you were in a full parking lot.  This will give them a chance to practice turns in both directions, utilizing the turn signal looking left and right, then left again (if making a left turn) as you approach the end of the row. When you get to the end of the next row, look left then right as if making a right hand turn (remember to use the signal) and complete the turn go down the row repeating this slaloming down the rows movement.

This technique will allow students to learn gas/brake, defensive search/scan of intersections, and help to build a good habit of using the turn signals.  Once the slalom of rows is solid, start to pick a parking spot to the left and park in a spot.  After left parking is understood, then attempt to park between the lines of a space on the right hand side of a row.  Once the student is comfortable controlling the car, generally after a couple of 30 to 60 minute sessions, take your student out to a neighborhood and have them practice stops, turns, cross checking intersections for traffic, looking for signs, signals and potential hazards.

If a student isn’t familiar with the vehicle controls when we are to drive them we will cancel that drive and any others scheduled. We are often asked by students who claim to have 20 + hours: “which pedal is the gas, and which is the brake” or “I don’t know how to signal “  SO GET THAT PRACTICE IN BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR IN-CAR Sessions.

After-all you should have the best interest of your child in mind and they will get more exposure on the road with us as a result, rather than spending a significant amount of time in a parking lot with us when they should have spent it with you instead.

The State of Ohio has On-line providers that can provide the 24 hours of classroom training and you can find them by clicking on this link.  Once a student conmpletes an ‘On-line’ approved course they can call our office or email us at: to inquire whether we are accepting students for the 1 on 1 in-car training.