On-Line Student Information

Before calling to schedule In-cars,  read to be certain you meet all of our requirements.

We can accept only a limited number of students each week. With this in mind, on Mondays call at 10am (not before) or shortly after, to be put on our list for  a day and time to come in to register and schedule the four (2 hour each) driving sessions within the next several weeks. Please Do Not Call if you will not be able to complete your drives within that time.

Calls received at or shortly afterwards will go onto our list in the order received, until we fill the total available slots (for that week) to come in to register and schedule the drives. Our answering machine records the time and date, so if you don’t talk directly to a manager, S L O W L Y leave your name and telephone number and indicate that you are calling to be put on the driving list for On-line students. Due to the large volume of calls, we can no longer call back those individuals who did not make it onto our list for that week.   Please feel free to try again the following week, or contact another provider that may be able to assist you. 

Students will need to complete an On-line 24 hour training course, before contacting Jacks to schedule their in-car driving.  When you have received the ‘On-line 24 hour completion certificate‘ from your on-line provider, you may call to inquire if we are currently accepting “On-Line” students for the ‘Behind-the-Wheel’ training.

You will need to download and print the “Behind-The-Wheel Training Agreement for On-Line Students”  see the link below. Please fill in the bottom 2 lines (student and parent information)  before coming into our office to complete the registration process, to schedule the 4 sessions (2 hours each)  of driving at that time.    

Students must have 15+ hours of driving time before scheduling the drives with us.  Please read our Home page for:  “What Parents Should be doing” to achieve this safely. We will attempt to schedule the drives within a 2 week period of each other, since that allows for us to train the brain and the muscle memory properly.  Do not plan to hold 1 drive back until shortly before the students road exam. As a training organization we are attempting to develop proper skills and habits by reinforcing them in the students.

If the parent follows the requirements above, they will get their student driver back with the proper knowledge and skills for good driving habits, that will be reinforced over the remaining drive time with their parent.  
If you live in the 45040 or the 45034 you will need to bring directions from our office to your home in with you, and write them on the training folder we will provide.  Be certain to verify the directions are correct and complete, don’t accept the google directions are correct.

Payment will be via: Cash, Check or Money Order made payable to Jacks Driving School and full payment of:  $500.00  is to be made during registration.

There is a ‘No Refund’ policy.   WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.
Cancelled drives less than 72 hours in advance of a scheduled drive incurs a $40.00 cancellation fee, unless we find a substitute student driver who can fill the cancelled slot.

Behind-The-Wheel Training Agreement