What makes Jacks the best value in driver’s education . . .

Our focus is to prepare our students for driving in the ‘real world’ where they will encounter tailgaters, speeders, bad weather, aggressive drivers and vehicles that may or may not function properly.

Designed for today’s busy student, our classes are independent modules. Complete your course in 2 weeks… or take up to 6 months. Attend them in any sequence BUT you cannot finish on Class #1. If you have homework, a job, sports event, or vacation, take that class at another time. This format presents up-to-date material in a style with which today’s student is comfortable. Every effort is extended to provide the latest video programs that hold your interest and teach the tools you need to succeed.

We have a ( 7 ) day / week drive schedule, and our staff consists of experienced driving instructors. The automobiles used for the training of our students consist of easy to drive cars with dual controls, automatic transmissions and daytime running lights for added safety.

Student pick-up and drop-off for in-car/driving sessions will be from our CMC Office location if they reside outside the 45040 or 45034 Zip code.

Adult Training:

One on one training in our car, scheduled at your convenience is available. Please contact our office to learn more.